Welcome to Dr. CurlZ FAQ page!

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and easy answers. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, feel free to reach out to us.

What ages do we work with ?
We work with kids, teenagers, adolescents, adults and elders. Kids must have a minimum age of 2 years.

Do we have a special area for women wearing a hijab?
We don’t have a separate area yet, but if you wish to come and you wear a hijab you can send us a message on our WhatsApp so that we can schedule you on a timeslot in which we can ensure that there’s no men present in the salon. During your appointment we temporarily close the curtains to ensure your privacy and comfort.

How do I book?
Go to our “Book now” page. There you can book and pay your down payment to ensure your appointment. If you have a gift card, contact us before booking your appointment so that we can schedule you without having to pay the down payment.

Cancelation Policy
We understand that there are several valid reasons to cancel your appointment, however we must be strict on our policy to maintain our quality of service.

If you don’t want to lose your down payment, you must cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment date and notify us. You have the option to get the down payment back or maintain it to reschedule.

Canceling your appointment within 48 hours prior to your appointment date is possible, but the down payment is non-refundable.
Read more about our Cancelation Policy here.

Payment options

What products do we use?
Our treatments are completely natural and fresh self-made in our salon with ayurvedic herbs and essential oils. For washing and styling we use different brands such as AfroLove, CurlyLove, PrettyCurlyGirl, CG Curl, Yari, As I Am, Mielle Organics, Curls, OndaNatural.

Are we CG-friendly?

Yes, we always check the ingredients.

Do we color hair ?
No, we don’t do coloring. Only cuts, treatments, natural styling and education

Do you work with straight hair?
Only the deep scalp treatment can be done on straight hair.
All other services are for textured hair. Type 2, 3 & 4.

I want to go natural, but don’t know where to start. What should I book?
We advise you to start with our service “The Big Chop” and add a deep treatment to it so that the scalp and hair can get a fresh new start! If you’re not sure if you need a big chop to start your natural journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you sell products in the salon?
Yes, we sell products from AfroLove, CurlyLove, OndaNatural, Creme of Nature, LottaBody, PrettyCurlyGirl, CG Curl. We also sell gadgets such as Detangler Brushes, Denman Styling Combs, Shampoo Brushes, Mist Sprayers, Bonnets and Satin Pillowcases.

In the near future, we will be selling our own brand :)

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?
We prefer for you to come alone to your appointment, so that we can focus on you and so that you can relax. In case you want to bring someone a max of 1+ is allowed.

I’m planning to visit The Netherlands soon, how can I pre-reserve an appointment?
You can send us an email or you can send us a text message on our WhatsApp number. We’ll get back to you to see the possibilities.

When are you visiting Aruba?
Each year we visit Aruba at least once for a period of minimum 2 weeks. In the near future we will be visiting and hosting our events more often.

What’s the next event?

We’re currently developing our own events. More information about this will follow later on.

Do you have a discount for students?
At the moment, we don’t.

Do you have a membership deal for loyal customers?
We’re working on this. We’ll announce this later on.

Can I apply as a hair model for training?
Yes, send us an email about this and we will save your information for our next employee training.

Do your offer classes for professionals?

No, not for the moment. Zoary is now fully dedicated to expanding her own team.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, of course! Send us a message if you wish to purchase a digital giftcard, so that we can personalize your giftcard and send it to your email.

Have a question or need assistance?

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form, or simply send us a WhatsApp message for a quick response. We're here to help you with all your curly hair needs!