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"A safe space where you can grow to love the uniqueness and beauty of your hair."

- Doctor CurlZ

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CurlZ Cuts

CurlZ Cuts

Spa restore the balance deep treatment

Spa restore the balance deep treatment

Intense hydration & moisture

Intense hydration & moisture

About Us

At Doctor CurlZ, our mission is simple yet profound: we want every client to feel like the unique, special, and beautiful individual they are. We believe in celebrating the natural beauty of your crown, and we're here to help you embrace your curls with open arms. We're all about making you fall in love with your own hair and showing you that it should never be a burden to wear your natural curls proudly.

Our vision goes beyond being just a salon. We aim to be a movement. With a focus on natural and healing hair treatments, we've developed our own line of organic products. With two salons in the Netherlands and Aruba, we dream of expanding our unique curly hair experience worldwide.

Join us at Doctor CurlZ and embark on a journey of self-love and confidence, one curl at a time. Your curls, your beauty, our passion!Discover the beauty of your unique crown, and let us guide you on your journey, one curl at a time. Your curls, your beauty, our passion!

Transforming Curls

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Celebrating the natural beauty of your crown.Your curls, your beauty, our passion!

Ready to transform your curls? Follow this 4 step Journey!

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Welcome to our Curl haven in Rotterdam

Read your confirmation e-mail carefully before coming to your appointment! We always start with a consultation to understand your wishes and to co-create a fitting plan to your hairneeds.
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Specialized Treatment

From Curlz Cuts to Scalp & Hair Treatments, It's all about YOU! Experience our tailored hair care methods and enjoy your 'me-time'.
Love and Embrace Your Curls

Love and Embrace your Curls

Rock your natural hair. We don't just give your curls a boost, we also offer tips and education to keep your hair healthy! Feel free wearing your crown!

Such a lovely salon with great energy! Helpful, attentive and kind. Besides that they really listen to your wants & needs and cut great!! Definitely recommend:)


De definitie van 'me time' is echt op zijn recht als je een bezoekje neemt bij dr. Curlz!
Ik heb enorm genoten van de behandeling, en dan heb ik nog niet gehad over hun werk als specialisten. Mijn hoofdhuid en haar hebben een gezonde boost gekregen en mijn krullen zijn weer hersteld om hun definitie te krijgen. Je krijgt tips en tricks mee om die definitie ook te kunnen behouden. Dank je wel Dr. Curlz!


First of all the ladies are so sweet and funny, always such a warm welcome. Also they can teach you a lot about your hair(care). Always a great experience.

SachiNew customer

As a newbie to my new hair structure, I was shocked to see the natural structure of my (new) curls.
Both ladies were very loving and clear in how to take care of my hair. I was so happy that as a grown a** woman in her 30's I cried by seeing the final result of my own natural hair.
Best recommendation I can give to anyone!


Super, super, super tevreden! Weinig kappers die de energie matchen van deze vrouwen. 

Zeker aan te raden. Deze vrouwen zijn kundig en werken nauwkeurig! 

Tot snel ☺️


Been going here for a few years and they never disappoint. They put so much love and care into what they do, always good vibes and my hair has never looked better


Every curly haired person will know that it’s a journey to find someone who actually understands your curls and can cut your hair to look as flattering as possible. Here they know exactly how to do that, plus they offer a service where they also teach you what you need to know about your specific hair so that it’s as healthy as possible. Since I started coming here my hair and scalp have been so happy. My hair is growing so nicely. I highly recommend this place!