Just a Trim

Give your curls a little love with this trim. Focused on getting rid of split ends and keeping your hair healthy.

CurlZ Cut

We combine our own unique cutting techniques with your wishes and curl types to create your perfect shape.

Trim, Wash, Style & Dry

Trim the ends, wash & style right away!

CurlZ Cut, Wash, Style & Dry

The CurlZ Cut combined with washing, styling, and 80% drying.


Shape your natural afro!

The Big Chop

Are you ready to embrace your natural hair and say goodbye to damage? We can start fresh together!

Afro Shape Cut

Achieve a beautifully round shape for your afro, including a dry cut, washing, styling, and 60% drying.

Bangs Cut or Refresh

Need a quick bangs fix? For cutting or refreshing your bangs!


Detangling Service

You can ONLY book this service as an add-on to one of our services if you are required to detangle your hair beforehand but prefer not to do it yourself.

Styling & Diffusing

This is an add-on service for all services that do not include styling and diffusing.