Meet Zoary: The heart behind Doctor CurlZ

Meet Zoary: The heart behind Doctor CurlZ

Oct 01, 2023Zoary van Putten

I grew up on the sunny island of Aruba, where my mom, Maria Victoria, and my aunt, Miriam, showed me how to love my natural hair. Their beautiful natural hair, which they've maintained to this day, was and still is a constant source of inspiration for me.

Natural traditions
In our family, we made natural hair treatments using aloe and avocado every month. I even had a special bag for my hair products for when I went to sleepovers with my friends. Also I had strictly 6 months' trims, I was also not allowed to dye my hair or blow out /straighten it too often.

A new journey with big changes, challenges and lessons
When I moved to the Netherlands in 2008, everything changed. The weather, water, hair salons, and products, everything was different. I started trying different products, from cheap ones to expensive ones. I became a product junkie, buying anything that said "for dry, curly hair."
My hair got tired of all the changes and all the build-up of products and over-manipulating my hair.
What I didn't realize is that I was going through puberty, which was making my hair change too. I wanted to straighten my hair more often, and my mom wasn't happy about it. At one point, I noticed I was losing my curls, and that's when I realized something was wrong. I stopped embracing my natural hair and that’s why my hair was getting damaged. I realized I had to go back to basics, making my own hair treatments.

Discovering the secretes and sharing my journey
I started researching curly hair products and what ingredients they had. I found out why my hair was getting dry, growing slower and becoming more wavy instead of curly. Besides of what I already knew, I expanded my knowledge of the power of natural herbs, essential oils, and fruit vitamins.
While I was taking care of my own hair, maintaining a consistent hair care routine that worked for me, I shared my journey on Instagram. People started following me and asking about my hair care.

I was studying 'Dermal Therapy' at The Hague University and one day I needed a model for a school assignment. I helped a friend with damaged hair and she was so happy with the results. I prepared my own treatment for her and treated her hair as if I would treat mine. The results were really great. It lifted her up completely and she got so motivated to take care of it again. This inspired me to start helping more people. And that's when Doctor CurlZ was born, initially called "Curly Hair Treatments by Zoary."

Taking the leap
I continued helping friends, and they spread the word. After three months, I went back to Aruba and offered my services for the first time. To my surprise, I got over 100 messages on Facebook. I took a big leap, booking about 80 appointments in just two hours. I worked really hard, even though I only had three months of experience.
Dealing with so much damaged hair made me realize how many people needed help, and it motivated me to keep going.
When I returned to the Netherlands after working in Aruba, I decided to keep going. I quit my side job to have more time and started welcoming clients in my student studio. In December 2019, I made the decision to fully commit to my business. By April 2020, I officially registered my business as Doctor CurlZ.

A journey of growth and passion
This journey has been about growth, discovery, and dedication. Today, I'm excited to share my passion for natural curls with you, just like my mom and aunt inspired me. Welcome to Doctor CurlZ, where every curl is a story of self-discovery and self-love.