Understanding your natural hair a la Dr. CurlZ

Understanding your natural hair a la Dr. CurlZ

Jan 09, 2024Zoary van Putten

The first step to embracing your natural hair is that YOU have to want it first. Nobody, not even your hairdresser can do that for you. Self-love starts from within! 💕

There are many theories on how curl typing works and why it’s important to know this. However, this blog is about our vision at Dr Curlz regarding curl typing.

At Dr CurlZ we put our focus on each one of you individually and uniquely. We aim to help you understand your natural hair and its different textures, rather than focusing too much on the curl type. Knowing your curl type is just not enough to understand your hair. 

You see, it’s important to understand that nobody on earth has the same hair, since each individual has a unique DNA. Not even twins.. 👀

Hair changes a lot over time and there are many factors that can influence these changes, read down below:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Lifestyle 
  • (Hair)Products
  • Usage of heat tools to style the hair 
  • Medicines
  • The weather and season
  • Deficiencies of certain vitamins/minerals 
  • Stress
  • Female/Male 
  • Hairstyles > too much tension 
  • Chemical treatments 
  • Scalp issues 


To have a deeper understanding of your hair, it’s important to know the different aspects of your scalp and hair;

Scalp health 

Your scalp is the base for healthy hair growth. In order to achieve healthy hair, you must understand and treat your scalp correctly. The basics are the most important.

  1. Keep your scalp clean and free of products
  2. Let it BREATH 🌬️
  3. Be gentle with your scalp!
  4. Scalp issues such as eczema/ dandruff/ psoriasis? Check your scalp at a professional such as a dermatologist to treat it correctly. 

Texture (fine, normal or coarse) 

Meaning the individual hair fibers’ thickness. 

Density (low, normal, high) 

Meaning the number of strands of hair growing out of each square-inch of your scalp 

Porosity (low, normal, high) 

Meaning the ability of the hair to absorb and hold moisture. 

Elasticity (low, normal, high) 

The bounce of your curls > Meaning how long a single strand of hair can stretch before it returns to its natural state. 

Curl types (2, 3 & 4)

Your curl patterns can be categorized between 2a to 4c. Knowing what mixture of curl patterns you have can help you and your hairdresser to cut the perfect shape for your hair, what products to use and how to style it.

Understanding your hair helps you build a healthy relationship towards yourself. It will help you create more realistic expectations and unlearning old patterns that don’t serve you any more. Accepting how unique your crown is, makes the journey so much more fun and worth it! 

No matter where you are in the world, just by understanding your hair better, you’ll always find your way around it. 

Natural hair is not supposed to sit perfect and it will never be. Oeps, we’re sorry to bring in the news :) Curls have a life of their own! The sooner we accept that they are naturally frizzy, dry and voluminous, the sooner you’ll be at peace in knowing that it is beautiful in every state as long as it’s healthy! 

Be free in your own unique beauty ❤️‍🔥