Thais Mercedes

Meet Thaïs Mercedes: A valued member of the Doctor CurlZ team

Oct 01, 2023Zoary van Putten

I've been working at Doctor CurlZ for two years now, and like many curly girls and boys, my journey with curly hair has been quite a ride. Over the past 10 years, I've encountered it all – from keratin treatments and heat damage to bleach damage and the big chop.
After two years of straightening my hair and battling heat damage and breakage, I temporarily lost my connection with my hair. I couldn't recognize myself, and I longed for my natural curls. It was in January 2015 that I decided to begin my natural hair journey, leaving my straightener behind. After letting my hair breathe for nine months, I took matters into my own hands with a big chop. This was the turning point when my passion and love for my hair rekindled.

My journey to healthy hair
During this journey, I started discovering what my hair loves and what it doesn't. It took around four years of experimentation before I found true satisfaction with my hair and the products that work best for it. My hair also endured nearly three years of being blonde, which had a notable impact on its overall health.
Even today, my curly hair journey continues to have its ups and downs. What keeps me going during those "bad hair days" is a simple mantra: "it is what it is." I've learned to accept that my hair won't always be perfect, and that's okay. It's a reminder that my hair naturally grows from my scalp in its unique way, and it reminds me off the need for regular care and love, at least once a week.

Celebrating unique curls
Curls are extraordinary. Each set is special, distinctive, and personal. No one in the world has the same hair as you. Embrace your curls and rock them with confidence!