Curl Types a la Dr. CurlZ

Curl Types a la Dr. CurlZ

Jan 09, 2024Zoary van Putten

Hi there lovely readers,

Remember the article 'Understanding your natural hair a la Dr. Curlz'? In there we explained all the basics you need to know about your hair, including the curl typing.

This post is to help you visualize the different curl types. Remember there's no such thing as identical hair to another. So please, never compare yourself to another individual. Also important to know, it's absolutely normal to have more than 1 curl type growing out of your head :) 

Special detail: All pictures are taken in our salon! We're so blessed to have worked with all these beautiful textures. Thank you to all our clients that allowed us to capture these beauties. 

Type 2 



Type 3


Type 4


If you can't find any picture relatable to your hair type, no worries! That's perfectly fine! Remember we're all unique and every single healthy natural hair is beautiful.